KSU Faculties and Departments

Please try to inform us about the date and time of your arrival at least 2-3 days prior to your arrival.

Contact person: Ekaterina A. Starodubtseva, Head of the International Relationships Department of KSU.

Telephone: : +7 (4712) 51-04-69

Mobile: +7 910 316-73-35

E-mail: irsp@kursksu.ru

University address: Kursk, 29 Radishcheva St. (ул. Радищева, 29, trans.: ulitsa Radishcheva)

Information for international students

University Faculties organise teaching and research into individual profiles or groups of profiles. Their work is normally organised into sub-divisions called Departments.

Faculty of Defectology

Faculty of Natural Science and Geography

Faculty of Industrial and Pedagogical Education

Faculty of Foreign Languages

The Institute of Economics and Management

Faculty of Arts and Art Pedagogy

Faculty of History

Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics

Faculty of Further Professional Training and Retraining

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

Faculty of Arts and Graphics

Faculty of Law